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1629 S St, Sacramento, CA 95811

COORDINATES: ICE PAC features installations from the Sacramento region’s most influential and celebrated artists. Situated in the former PACSAT satellite news broadcast headquarters, this immersive art experience will be open to the public for a limited time before the building is demolished for new development on the land.


COORDINATES are site-specific transitory exhibitions that bring attendees outside of the art world’s traditional white cube institutions by using vacant and underutilized spaces for creative inquiry.

​During an era of urban development in Sacramento, this project aims to reclaim the use of land and space for artistic activation. Over THIRTY artists are selected and given one month to transform the .73 acre lot and push the boundaries of material and concept. Coordinates: Ice Pac will be further evidence that Sacramento’s creative community is worthy of investment.


1610 R St, Sacramento, CA 95814 alley across from Device Brewing CO patio

The Shadow Box, curated by Genesis “the Mayor” Torres, is a contemporary art space that serves as an intimate experience between the artist and the dynamic Sacramento art community by showcasing a survey of their artistic and conceptual practices. The Shadow Box aims to be an art space that allows Sacramento artists a place to share their innovations with the public in one of the most stunning gallery spaces in Downtown, Sacramento, the Faith J. Mckinnie Gallery. The roster of creators showcasing at The Shadow Box are artists that are currently shaping the Sacramento art scene in new and intriguing ways.

Current Exhibition:

Summer Ventis February 16 – March 26, 2022

Heavier than Air

On March 13th, 2020, Sacramento State, where I teach, announced that all classes would be virtual for the remainder of the spring semester. That same day, my father was admitted to the hospital 3,000 miles away with COVID-19. This convergence of events very clearly marked the beginning of the pandemic for me. On April 11, 2020, after 29 days in the ICU, my father died of complications from COVID-19. The piece 29 Held Breaths represents each of those 29 days as a breath-filled balloon printed with an image that visualizes the act of physically holding a breath. The horrors of our times; of the pandemic, of racism and police brutality, and of the wildfires that happen with increasing frequency and intensity in the Western United States, all connect to the figurative, and sometimes very literal, act of breathing. Between March 13, 2020 and the first day of this exhibition, a total of 705 days have passed; almost two years. During that time, we have all felt the weight of grief in some way, the heaviness of existence in these ever-changing times. But if you are reading this, you, like me, have continued to breathe in and out, to move from one day to the next.

Through this project, Heavier than Air, I invite you to consider with me that weight of grief, of the losses that we have sustained collectively and individually over these last 705 days, to take a moment to feel that grief and to feel the relief of sharing it, of externalizing it as a “held breath” and knowing that others are sharing that weight by doing the same.

Framed Work in Heavier Than Air

Past Exhibition:

Ember de Boer: Bicameral Ether

Maria Mariscal: Opuntia

the Mayor: Walls Translate Identity