Solo Exhibitions

Construction Pylon


Genesis “the Mayor” Torres


Definition of construction

1the act or result of construing, interpreting, or explaining

2a: the process, art, or manner of constructing something

Definition of pylon

1aa usually massive gateway

This exhibition is a statement on the construction of social and personal relationships that are built on the symbols we share with each other. The safety or hazardous construction of our relationships can be reflective of our own actions of shared symbology where our connection to the environment exists. The viewer is invited to express themselves on this constructed gateway of canvas and allow the viewer to reclaim the power of constructing their own symbols to be viewed by others as our society.

the Mayor : Walls Translate Identity


Installation Week One

December 3-5, 2021

Installation Week Two

December 10-12, 2021

Installation Week Three

December 18-19, 2021

Walls are more than an external structure; they create the narrative of how we perceive our environment. Walls create the space needed to develop the relationships we have with others and ourselves. The difference between an alley wall and a gallery wall is in the difference in how we perceive fine art. As an artist, I want to blur those boundaries and allow the community to voice those critiques instead of the monopolized institutions. I began to use my pseudonym the Mayor to be a reminder of the change I wanted to see in the art community. I invite the community to disrupt my work in the nature of my previous duct tape murals that were subject to vulnerability and intervention. The public will have access to paint markers to add any expression or mark on the walls or objects found during this exhibition. I want walls to be given a voice and meaning that can be applied beyond the value of property taxes and monetary value. The use of social practice allows the community alongside the artist to reflect on what identity means in the structure of space and allows permission to express those ideas in a safe environment.

-the Mayor

the Mayor : Oneirology


At first blush the work recalls abstraction strategies used by modernist artists, most immediately Joan Miró. However, situating the forms in and around representational imagery such as landscapes, (suggested) figures and portraits, and physical objects grounds these ideas in more subjective experience, humanizing them. There's a similar synthesis in the way that your line qualities bring to mind cave painting (especially elements of Matrix of Opportunity), but also mapping or topographic views, satellite imagery, etc. Despondent Thematic Map feels more like a satelite image, while  Map to Social Distance Overnight brings to mind the dérive mapping of Guy Debord/Situationist International artists. Review by Peter Williams